About Janet

janetDr. Janet Sasson Edgette is a clinical and sport psychologist who has pioneered the application of modern performance enhancement principles to the equestrian industry. For eight years, she wrote a monthly column on sport psychology for Practical Horseman magazine, and served as their sport psychology consultant. Blending her clinical and performance expertise, Janet wrote the ground-breaking book entitled Heads Up!: Practical Sports Psychology for Riders, Their Families, and Their Trainers, which advanced the field past the limiting traditions of relaxation and imagery work. Her newest book, The Rider’s Edge: Overcoming the Psychological Challenges of Riding, is a collection of essays about the broader experience of owning and riding horses.

Natural, innovative and sensitive to the ways in which people truly can change, Janet’s strategies go way beyond traditional sport psychology techniques in order to fit the program of the amateur and professional rider, rather than the other way around.

Beside lecturing and conducting workshops nationwide, Janet consults individually to recreational, amateur, and professional riders as well as to trainers, instructors, and other equestrian industry professionals.

“I got so much out of our session together and it really helped give me insight into how I can deal with my nerves. We ribboned in all our classes this weekend. I rode well and was deliberate in my actions!!! Thank you again.” R.H., sport psychology client

Janet’s Riding History

Janet is an accomplished hunter/jumper rider who competed successfully as a junior under the tutelage of Wayne Carroll. Her career included call backs in both the Medal and Maclay finals, and numerous championships in the equitation, junior hunter, and junior jumper divisions. She has since trained for periods of time with such excellent instructors as George Morris, Chris Kappler, Neal Shapiro, Mark Leone, and Emil Spadone, winning ribbons at American Gold Cup, Autumn Classic, Upperville, St. Christopher’s, and the Winter Equestrian Festival and Budweiser Amateur Owner Invitational in Tampa, Florida. Janet continues to ride and show, and currently competes in the jumper divisions.




Olympian and former Chef d’Equipe for the

U.S. Equestrian Team, says:


“I was brought up with a teacher named Gordon Wright who told us as teachers we had to be part psychiatrist. And he is a teacher that dealt with his pupils’ mental fears, especially the fear of making a mistake — which is what Janet deals with a great deal. In a very primitive crude way, I’ve always been aware of this field. Way, way, way back when I was a kid, I was aware of it, but now they refined it and made a science out of it and a real field out of it, and I think it’s a wonderful thing. Many people have been helped a great deal by Janet and people like Janet and I think that’s a big part of the sport and of life in the next century.


“Janet is a very heady intelligent rider and she’s got a natural talent. She has good timing and she’s cool under pressure, which I’m sure ties in very much to her profession as a sport psychologist. And I believe that, though now she’s riding in the amateur-owner division and she has a very nice amateur horse, I believe it would be no problem at all for Janet to ride in the professional divisions and at some point in time, ride in the Grand Prix. She rides very well.”

Janet’s Practice in Child, Adolescent, and Family Therapy

In addition to her work as a sport psychologist for riders, Janet is nationally renowned for her work as a therapist for teenagers, kids, and families. She is the author of Stop Negotiating With Your Teen: Strategies for Parenting Your Angry, Manipulative, Moody, or Depressed Adolescent, a popular parenting paperback (rated by one Amazon blogger as #3 best book on teenagers!) and Adolescent Therapy That Works: Helping Kids Who Never Asked for Your Help in the First Place. Her most recent book is called, The Last Boys Picked: Helping Boys Who Don’t Play Sports Survive Bullies and Boyhood (a Parents magazine “MUST READ”)

Janet speaks frequently at various professional conferences and has taught workshops for mental health professionals, educators, and parents all around the United States and parts of Canada, as well as in Mexico, Russia, Croatia, and Germany.