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Heads Up! Practical Sports Psychology for Riders, Their Families & Their Trainers






Heads Up! is designed to help equestrian athletes enhance their experience of riding, training, competing, and loving horses.

Learn how to

  • Ride well despite feeling nervous
  • Perform more consistently under pressure
  • Manage the social and family stresses of competitive riding
  • Balance your passion for riding with your devotion to a spouse or children
  • Evaluate training programs for yourself or your children
  • Incorporate sportsmanship into training programs that are geared toward winning championship points
  • Identify sources of stress in young riders and what you can do about them

“Wonderful introduction to sports psychology for everyone.”
Amazon review

“Amazing book!! I got this book to help me combat some irrational anxieties and fears in the saddle, especially at shows. It has done so much more for me than I could have ever hoped. I’m serious. It works. I have stopped a few panic attacks with the techniques taught in this book, when methods taught by counsellors and psychologists were only so much hot air.”
Amazon review

“Edgette’s style is very candid, open, and easy to read. Don’t think that this is another “help me feel good about my riding” book. Heads Up! takes an incredibly unique approach to explaining the whole circle of a rider’s world. This book will enhance any trainer, coach, parent, and rider’s bookshelf. I give it a five-shoe rating!”
Amazon review

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The Rider’s Edge: Overcoming the Psychological Challenges of Riding




Recommended by George Morris!

From his Foreword in The Rider’s Edge:

“Like all of Janetʼs works, this one you wonʼt want to miss. Read it, enjoy it, savor it, digest it, and I guarantee your game of riding — as well as your game of life — will improve.”

Includes sections on

  • Dealing with performance nerves
  • Confidence building, recovering from falls, and managing fears
  • The psychological side of riding, learning, and training
  • Relationships, conflicts, jealousies, and sportsmanship
  • Balancing riding with everything else in your life
  • Buying horses and losing them
  • Self and body image
  • Advice for young riders

Available and and through Dr. Janet Edgette


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