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I would be happy to be contacted by phone or email to answer your questions about equestrian sport psychology, my availability for clinics and seminars, or books and other materials available for purchase.

Contact Information:

Dr. Janet Sasson Edgette
412 Newcomen Road
Exton, PA 19341

Phone: 610 | 363 | 1144

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When you get to the address of 412 Newcomen Road, you will see a cluster of white buildings behind a low stone wall. For those of you who are familiar with the area, it is the old Newcomen Society. Currently it is the home of Studio ETC, a design/manufacturing firm. Their sign is outside and visible from the road. Turn into the parking lot that is situated next to the the main building (on the other side of the building is a private drive). From the parking lot, you’ll see a stone block walkway going up a little hill toward a small house,, which sits to the left of a bell tower. I’m in there. If the door is closed, please wait for me out in the garden area or on the porch. I’ll come out for you shortly.



I welcome your messages and comments and will get back to you within one to two business days.

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