I offer personal, private consultation to children, teenagers, and adults on any matters having to do with the emotional and psychological side of riding, training, competing, and owning horses.

Examples of the types of issues people come to see me for:

  • performance anxiety interfering with their riding at shows
  • attention problems leading to distractedness or forgetting courses
  • problems getting confidence back after a fall or crash
  • recovering confidence after riding a problem horse (eg, a stopper, a bolter)
  • anxiety and self-doubt over not learning quickly enough
  • retaining confidence when moving up to harder or more competitive divisions
  • dealing with changing horses or trainers
  • diffusing family tension over riding-related matters
  • parent-child disagreements about goals, effort, attitude
  • and many others


Telephone and Skype sessions are set up just like appointments in the office. We schedule a time to talk, either for 45 min (typical session) or 30 min (good for follow ups, focused troubleshooting, and kids), and you simply call me at that time on a special line. My way of working with riders is well-suited to phone consultation, as I don’t use conventional strategies such as relaxation, imagery, visualization, etc., but rather build conversations that help clients shift perspectives, embrace challenges as manageable even though un-welcomed, and/or learn to compensate for the ways in which performance anxiety or fears specifically compromise their riding.


I am available for informal interactive, Q&A talks as well as more formal keynote-type lectures (eg, conferences, conventions). I also conduct sport psychology seminars for barns, riding organizations and clubs, and IHSA college teams. Rates vary depending on length and location.


Session fees (in person, phone, or Skype) are:

  • $160 for 45 minutes
  • $210 for 60 minutes
  • $110 for 30 minutes

Longer sessions can be arranged for clients coming in from out of town.

Please note that I do not accept insurance but am happy to provide receipts for each session.

Pay Online:

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