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I offer personal, private consultation to children, teenagers, and adults on any matters having to do with the emotional, psychological, and physical side of riding, training, competing, and owning horses.

Telephone and online sessions are set up just like any other office appointment, and can be done at your convenience. Most sessions run 45 minutes in length, although for urgent or complicated situations we can schedule for a longer period of time. Thirty minute sessions are good for follow up appointments, focused troubleshooting, and kids who may at first be apprehensive about talking for 45 min. You simply call me at the designated time.

“Thank you so much for helping me prepare for the first eq final of the season! I wasn’t nearly as nervous as I usually am, and being able to relax more ended up with me winning both the Junior Medal Final and the Junior/Amateur Medal Final, as well as Best Junior Rider on a horse!!! You were so helpful to me – thank you!”


Examples of the types of issues people come to see me for

  • performance anxiety interfering with their riding at shows
  • attention problems leading to distractedness or forgetting courses
  • problems getting confidence back after a fall or crash
  • recovering confidence after riding a problem horse (eg, a stopper, a bolter)
  • anxiety and self-doubt over not learning quickly enough
  • retaining confidence when moving up to harder or more competitive divisions
  • dealing with changing horses or trainers
  • diffusing family tension over riding-related matters

Don’t live anywhere near Philadelphia? NO PROBLEM!

Sport psychology sessions are available via telephone, or online through FaceTime, Facebook video chat, and Skype.

  • Choose 20, 30, or 45 minute appointments. Follow up, check-ins, and crisis management available by text.
  • Check here to find out why my approach to sport psychology is perfectly suited to phone and online sessions.
  • Contact me to set up your first appointment: phone (610) 363-1144 email [email protected]

My way of working with riders is well-suited to phone or online consultation:

since I don’t use conventional strategies such as relaxation, imagery, visualization, etc. which would require more of an in-person presence. Instead, I build conversations that help clients shift perspectives, embrace challenges as manageable even if un-welcomed, and/or learn to compensate for the ways in which their performance anxiety or fears compromise their riding.

An example of this would be helping a rider whose show nerves cause her to become very passive and indecisive whenever she enters the ring. This is called “under-riding” and is a very common response to anxiety. This rider can tell herself all she wants to “relax” but the truth is that she can’t make herself relax — no one can manufacture a response like that in their body if it’s not happening naturally. And visualizing the “perfect” round or the “perfect” test isn’t helpful if your horse isn’t “visualizing” that perfect round or test with you. It also often means you are riding the horse you have in your imagination, not the one underneath you, and as far as I’m concerned that never ends well…

However what that under-riding rider does have control over is the ability to compensate for the way in which her anxiety affects her riding. She can anticipate that she’s going to go into that ring and, because of feeling nervous, wind up riding more passively and less decisively than she usually does. Therefore she can make the conscious effort to counter that passivity and indecisiveness by remaining committed to adopting a more assertive riding style. Maybe that means committing to the idea of making decisions even though they might not be the right ones. Maybe it means holding on to an image of herself as “The Boss.” Maybe it means recognizing that her horse really needs her to show up differently in the show ring and, out of a sense of compassion, she is able to rise above the effects of her anxiety and give her horse the ride he needs in order to feel secure.


Other riders have the opposite problem; their show nerves cause them to “over-ride” — that is, they get too aggressive or start chasing distances or just flat out annoy or scare their horses. Strategies for these riders might involve helping them to maintain a measure of composure or tact while riding (which is a lot easier to achieve than making yourself relax), or committing to the idea that less can be more when it comes to riding certain horses. I once solved my own problem of rushing into triples by training myself to repeat “Lots of patience to combinations…” Worked like a charm.


Other issues I deal with that affect a person’s ability to ride their best include concerns about “ruining” their horse by making too many mistakes, discomfort with disciplining horses because of a fear that their horse will take it personally and be mad at them, anxiety brought about by seeing their ex-trainer by the ring where they’re showing or the horse’s previous owner, among many others. Because of my thirty years of experience as a psychologist working with kids, teenagers, adults, and families, I bring an expertise about human change processes to these issues that allows my clients and I to work through them quickly and easily without a whole lot of fuss. No “homework.” No rituals. No complicated techniques. Just conversations with someone who has been there and who deeply understands the sport and the ways in which our thoughts and feelings about almost anything can affect what happens once we walk off from the mounting block.

How It Works


Session fees (in person, phone, or online) are:

  • $145 for 30 minutes
  • $200 for 45 minutes
  • $250 for 60 minutes

Longer sessions can be arranged as needed.

Please note that I do not accept insurance for any sport psychology services.



I am also available for informal interactive, Q&A talks as well as more structured clinics and more formal keynote-type lectures (eg, conferences, conventions). Please refer to my Sport Psychology Clinics and Seminars page. I conduct sport psychology seminars for barns, riding organizations and clubs, IHSA college teams and IEA middle and high school teams. Rates vary depending on length and location. 


Rates vary depending on length and location, and whether virtual or in-person.

All sessions include interactive lecture, Q&A, slideshow, & materials for downloading.

Three Hour Session
In-person – $950 plus $100 per hour travel time each way
Virtual – $750

Two Hour Session
In-person – $625 plus $100 per hour travel time each way
Virtual – $525

One Hour Session
In-person – $400 plus $100 per hour travel time each way
Virtual – $300



Session fees (in person, phone, or online) are:

  • $145 for 30 minutes
  • $200 for 45 minutes
  • $250 for 60 minutes

Longer sessions can be arranged as needed. You are welcome to pay with a check as well. The mailing address is 412 Newcomen Road, Exton, PA 19341.

Please note that I do not accept insurance but am happy to provide receipts for each session.

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